Friday, May 25, 2012

Update :)

Weird morning, couldn't sleep in even though I'm exhausted. Lamee.
Have been having some intense, borderline lucid dreams lately, starting to make me go a little crazy. Almost like at any moment something from my dream is going to happen in real life, causing me to have a mental breakdown. Unsettling, and I find myself preparing for it, like planning out how I would react to the situation without making seem like I've done it all before, like an absolutely insane version of Déja vu. What a bizzare train of thought. The thing that keeps getting me is that my dreams are almost going in sequence, it's not a new plot or new situation everytime, it's the same people, same situations, but sometimes they pick up where they left off, like I pressed pause when I woke up and then hit play when I fall asleep that night. Where is a goddamn dream interpreter when you need one... Or maybe a psychotherapist. Oh my.
So in other news we have to move out by September, Vince is pretty much set on renting a whole house, but I guess we'll see.
And in other other news, I have premature beats and Cardiac Arrhythmia, which is funtimes. They are trying to figure out which type of arrhythmia it is, since some are pretty much just ignored, some need medication and some need implanted difribulators (pacemakers). Really really hoping it's not the last kind. When I went to the er Saturday morning my heart rate was nearly double what it was supposed to be, and they took me into the cardiac unit right away to give me a light sedative to slow my heart rate so I wouldn't give myself a heart attack. I then spent a few hours hooked up to an EKG but since I had waited over 12 hours to go to the hospital in the first place by the time the hooked me up they couldn't get a good look at the Arrhythmia just the premature beats. So the next time I feel it happening I have to go straight back to the er and get put on a 24/48hr heart monitor. Horray!
So that's my exciting update!
Loves and kisses
Hugs and misses,
Jessi xoxox

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